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Deep Ion Expedition

Location: Baja California, Mexico

The project consists of dredging over 7 million tons of phosphate from the Pacific Ocean that will be used to make fertilizer and energy storage products. 

Expedition Rarotonga

Location: Cooke Islands

Exploration of potential mining opportunities within the Cooke Islands Exclusive Economic Zone for rare earth minerals including cobalt, nickel, and manganese.

Project Beach Ring 

Location: Melbourne, Florida

Recovering a 1700's-1800's shipwreck consisting of various forms of shipwreck material from platforms, decking, & cargo.

Project Oceania

Location: Papua New Guinea

Sampling and testing several hundred square kilometers of subsea mineral content for various types of naturally formed gold content.

Malacca Expedition

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Exploration of the Malacca Strait to excavate remains from shipwrecks and civilizations consisting of primarily pottery and coinage that existed during the 1500-1700's.

Project Nine Dash

Location: South China Sea

Recovering artifacts from trade in the South China Sea prevalent during the 1500-1750's consisting of pottery, arms, & coins.

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